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Wash cars at home with soap and water for cleaning is a thing of the past. The practice of self-cleaning of the cars was very time consuming and has not produced the desired results. As the 21st century automotive franchise has also experienced phenomenal growth of new services and entertainment. The growing number of franchised automobile led to the emergence of the mark for many wash cars in the segment. Car service centers for care, not only wash cars, but also to maintain.

Automotive Franchise: Organized unstructured

No doubt, the car wash segment is still dominated by non-union brands, but the industry is gradually moving from disorganized to organized sector. Measurement of growth in the sector lsome players took the road to franchise. Anckur Sama, founder and director of CarzSpa said: “We went back four years in the industry with an outlet, but now we have about 25 offices across India The idea to move the car hit me a beauty clinic. my visits abroad, I saw these centers bloom. I found the concept of supply cars to perfection. Therefore my job to sell cars with a passion car care brought me in this endeavor. “

Need a car care centers

Increase awareness of the conservation of vehicles, the first and main reason for the popularity of automotive service centers. Previously, car owners used their vehicles to clean the local automatic cleaners, because they had no choice, but now with the availability of health facilities people choose their car professionally cleaned car. Various other factors contributing to the growing popularity of car care centers are:

Increased motorization: With cars are on sale for the middle class, there was a rapid increase in the number of car owners. Customers with more than two lakh to Rs two crore spent on a car does not want to ruin it by washing it at home. This led to the popularity of self-organized centers.

The increase in disposable income: an increase in disposable income, people who do not mind a little more money on care and maintenance of their cars.

Busy schedules: Cleaning a car is a long and tiring. Usually people do not have time or enthusiasm for cars due to lack of time to wash. The best alternative for them is the center of the car wash.

Proper maintenance: Organized care centers not only car wash and clean cars, but also looks great. They do a comprehensive review of the cars worth every penny the customer pays.

Why a free car care centers?

Car care has emerged as a popular business concept because of the need in the Indian market. Smart entrepreneurs who saw the enormous potential of this business started small, but later took the road to franchise. The reason for the expansion through franchising is the established brand. Customers still prefer to send their cars for the cleaning of a well established and reputable center rather than a washing unit unorganized. Sama shared “franchise has always been the preferred route for business development. It is very difficult for business interests throughout the organization across the country so we need contractors for the show in different cities and areas for further development and success to be done. “

In addition, this sector does not require large investments to set up. However, keeping expensive equipment and increased manpower of the budget.

The players in this area

It is a growing segment with players not much, but the car company care shows great potential for the future. The main players in this segment so far CarzSpa Car Wash Express Car Wash speed car sealing glass beads and pure 3M Car Care. All these contributors to successfully develop through the process of franchising.

Challenges to success

The free car care can have many benefits but also some disadvantages.

First, many candidates enter the arena with big dreams of making money quickly. Like any business, a lot of hard work in the business of car washing. Aspiring to a franchise to believe that the machines at work and employees to manage it. However, it should be borne in mind that even the owner (franchisee) is difficult. As indicated by Sama, “To trace and industry in the first month to make a challenge for a free car. We can overcome the challenges of a low-budget market, advertising and good service, so customers are our regular clients. “

Second, competition from non-union actors is a challenge that can be treated with great service and be professional.

Finally, it would be wrong to say that current trends certainly support the franchise company car. People spend a lot of expensive cars and are willing to spend extra money on maintaining their cars in excellent condition and would always prefer a car wash center of the brand. There is certainly great potential for aspiring entrepreneurs, “Whatever happens, it is likely that, as the cars, there will always need a car wash.

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 Business Opportunity

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