A Big Chance from Big Country

China’s economy grows rapidly. An operator who you would like the opportunity to do business with this country is to be sure to go far. Once established your presence in China, you are able to do business with other countries in the world. If you want to import business, you must be familiar with the national rules for companies and investors.

-As a first step, you should know where their offices in Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation was established. There are offices in the provincial, city and county level and you need to know where they are or how they can be contacted. This special service can help you in all aspects of doing business in their country. Since the main purpose of the special negotiating group would be in position to a foreign investor as much as ze can their territory Now.

Lay-preliminary report for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department of the National Office. Authorized person in the facility, which will tell you what documents are needed. Prior consultation with the authorities, you should be able to your business, background, properties, utilities, facilities and public That you would need many of them will ask for things from you explain.

-After your report is approved, you need a formal document to which you must identify your foreign attorney, credit reporting, registration and other reports obtained from government agencies other file enter. It is important that you be represented by a good lawyer at this stage, so that all legal issues relating to the company you will be ironed out.

-File Application for certificate of approval. Along with this, you must attach a feasibility study about your company, the articles of your business “attitude and a list of the board of directors.

-If you received a certificate of approval, it is important that you register your business. You have thirty days from the receipt of a letter of approval from your company register. It is also important that you immediately open a bank account and pay your taxes, among other requirements you want to run.

Once you achieve all this, you will see that doing business in China is not as difficult as it seems. Make sure you do not miss one of the stages. Very easy to set up business, but once you break the rules, go to a bad record and may be difficult for you to apply for another company.

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Thursday, June 24th, 2010 Business, International Business

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