The Business Decision Making Process

A discussion began recently as, “How do you shorten the sale.” The original question asked, what could be done is under your control of the sales cycle (time of first contact) for short. Since buying cycle (phases a person goes through the decision making process at aka) directly affects the revenue cycle of the discussion had at least two ways to travel … Buy wheels and / or sales cycle.

“For the sake of argument, we say that …

… The prospect trusts you, you respect and value the relationship.

… You are for the authority, the budget has to work, want and need your product or service.

… The point of view, the value you feel attractive.

… It and the perspective to understand how your solution will help him / her to achieve his / her desired outcome.

… The prospect has raised no objection.

… The view is not yet decided to go ahead with the sale.

Given these assumptions, what you can do in your control is to reduce turnover? “

One of the participants first to respond, Ace Coldiron, made the following observation:

“All these things can be true. But what is clear is that currently, the view is all that work and will probably continue to do so until all the things behind the scenes, not seen, which are available by the vendor or development, made a purchase can be solved.

The seller can not control these things. However, it is possible to get through the door and lead them in change management, decision making and resolutions that take place with the purchase. This could be effective in shortening the sales cycle.

Unfortunately, most sellers would be inclined to think at the end of the sale, they could remain faithful to the process of movement speed. But the fact is they do not speed up the process. “

Reply Ace in the deep and often unexplored in the buying cycle buying deepens the facilitation ™ (“… go through the door and led them in change management, decision making and resolutions that take place to buy. “) sales (sales process to navigate) no. Many trainers use terms of sale such as decision making, the sales cycle, purchase decisions, etc., and mistakenly believe they are sailing in the same waters, Ace said, but in reality they are never out of the water supply and you can not get (buy facilitation ™) from there (sales process).

To be clear … the systematic application of effective sales process is not rejected, but arise only as a part of the equation. Given the arena of sales and the sales process and sales situation, you can only run so far, ready at any given time because so many people are interested in purchasing. Of course, the more efficient the process and execution of the continuation of your reach outside the immediate area, but buyers are still the limitations inherent in the sales process, which limits a disturbing number of potential business partners of the leaves on the table.

Participation in this thread has been fantastic and many proposals have been drawn, but it quickly became clear that there are two ways to shorten the sales cycle discussed in the thread.

First How to shorten the sales cycle to sell.

2nd How to shorten the sales cycle by shortening of the purchase.

How to reduce the sales cycle through a sales process?

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Thursday, September 1st, 2011 Business

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