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Have you ever thought to yourself that you want to work for me, but I do not know what to do? Maybe I’ll copy some of the company as you know, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, etc. They have a lot of money for themselves.

Maybe you do not copy others’ ideas, even if true,

Maybe you want to create a sense of themselves. Maybe you have an idea of your own, but must be extended. Dear reader you think you might be surprised by the number of people who have made an adequate amount of money from their ideas. For example.

Trash Hi-Tec makes a lot of money!

Facts and figures:

Names: Davis and Betsy Gilbert.

Age: Unknown.

“Tonto” Idea: Davis and Betsy is your idea of making money after discovering that gold is used in the circuits and equipment elsewhere. His company, specialists in electronic recovery, extracting gold and other precious metals from old computers.

CPC: Undisclosed.

What idea was launched, the old equipment purchased by hospitals, universities and businesses, then scraped size quantities of gold dust. He started his own company, specialists in electronic retrieval.

Turnover: recycling gold is used by everyone from jewelers to dentists.

Results: Over 7 million per year.

Each week, industry waste tons of old computers and some of them are recycled. That this is that Davis and Betsy Gilbert had the idea of extracting gold and other precious metals for recycling. But not only the equipment containing precious metals, but also found on telephones, satellites, mobile phones, jacks and telephone equipment.

His company of Chicago, specialists in electronic recovery, through tons of old computers a week, remove and extract precious metals from circuit boards. At first it was a tedious job, spending hours scratching the size of the quantities of gold dust of tiny needles into the channels. Now, Davis has developed a rapid method that allows your company to extract 10 tons of material per week. Davis remains his secret method. The extraction of precious metals for the recycling of old equipment, office of Hi-Tec has created a business that the couple will make an estimate of over $ 7,000,000 this year.

Not all business ideas are their own are some other ideas.

Where ideas come from? I’m really surprised. So many people say “I had an idea the other day …”.

But when you ask them why we had the idea, I can not say!

Of course, I can say that the idea is and how it works, etc., but the only thing I can not say that’s why he got the idea. You see, humans are the only species that adapt to any environment.

We can live in ice caps, tropical forests and deserts!

CAN, but most live in the most pleasant.

The reason for this can be done and other animals not because they are able to have … ideas.

Ideas that allow us to survive in these environments unpleasant … if necessary.

The animals have no ideas. They act automatically. If the environment changes, which are not in serious cases die.

So … This means, unfortunately, as human beings, we need ideas to survive.

And thank you God, for they connect ideas.

Need ideas to survive.

But you can also use the ideas to develop, not only to survive.

Ideas thrive are more complex to understand.

One great thing about life is that it rewards both internally and externally to do things in your life.

Have you noticed how the Western world is in decline?

This is because the “give people what they want the team is in full force!

This philosophy is basically “disinterested” and led to a decline … you do!

Not only that, and most of them funny, “giving people what they want platoon are systematically trying to destroy the people who depend on creating cake eating!

When you buy something you do exactly? You exchange a piece of paper or metal parts of a product, right? (This excludes all forms of debt)

Exchange, the product must do so you want to change?

You must have a certain way. More than money. Otherwise, no exchange. Each product in the success of all the benefits of the market over the money it costs the population.

But besides that, the benefits of the product shall be necessary and / or wanted by the people. (This is something the “give people what they want the team have the right.)

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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 Business Idea

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