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The progress of the company in 2010 was arrested by the insecurities and fears because of the enormous economic – the period of transition following the global financial crisis. This raises the question that was raised at the recent annual conference in Melbourne Advantex at the launch of the Strategic Space, How can business leaders today in a better position to grow in 2011?

There was broad agreement and inspiring to all entrepreneurs in the conference, they know they can go further. And he acknowledged that to happen, things in the heart of its strategic position will change. They realize that to have a better future that we leave the past behind and focus on the present and think big and dream high.

“Leaders are not measured by the size of their brains, but by the size of their dreams”

To overcome the overwhelming complexity of pressures and constraints, business leaders must continue to re-position their businesses to take advantage of changes in their industries, the market and the economy in general. Having this attitude will allow them to develop a strategic mentality that permeates through the heart of their business and increase their potential for growth and development.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein

Einstein’s definition of insanity is a perfect paradigm of how some companies approach the daily challenges of the business. Identify the current business situation and the change should be your priority. Going to strategic issues rather than to dabble in all aspects of the business and delegate all other things that contribute to what they do best enable them to optimize their results.

A wise man once said, people who do not take the first step is to step two.

One major obstacle to the progress and future entrepreneurs and their business is locked into a particular type of logic, the relationship or the type of client. They may have big goals and dreams, but if they are pursued while maintaining the same strategy with tunnel vision, they will not succeed.

On the other hand, focuses on creating more leaders not more followers, to inspire his people to “want” to continue to not “get” is just the tip of the iceberg of progression the company. Remembering that regularly are better than they think they are profitable and value for its customers to choose a value proposition for business and communicate with its people and its clients is the foundation of all development future work.

“Like a great river that goes with the precise sense of direction, purpose and constancy of purpose in everything you do”

Employers can start by focusing on results and transforming the obstacles that stand between them and the realization of his vision. They can do that and more, through planning and visualizing your goals and making a clear conscious. Like all strategies, strategic thinking, this kind of thinking over time becomes second nature to strategic business mentality.

Consciously building trust is another cornerstone of strategic thinking of any enterprise in 2011. The events of the last three years have caused many business confidence sank to its lowest level because of the negative emotional impact of unexpected and unpredictable external economic. Learn to build your own confidence allows them to be freed from the negative emotional impact of unexpected and unpredictable external factors.

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Sunday, January 16th, 2011 Business Strategy

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