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Online printing has been an increase in demand in recent years. This is due to ease of use and cost-effective and time-saving benefit businesses and consumers. However, online printing companies continue to face some challenges when it comes to marketing the print service.

Here are the three challenges and suggestions on how to overcome this business.

1) The printing of the document is not a matter of Mastermind

People print documents only when necessary. As if you’re not going to buy aspirin unless you have a headache, do not consider hiring an online printing company until you have an urgent need for printing. So you can spend much money on marketing its online printing service, but people will most likely not use the printing service until needed.


Therefore, when customers have a printing problem at hand, it is better to be prepared and “no” so you can print. This means that SEO and AdWords advertisers is important because it will use Google to find an online printing company.

They also have to be in your customers’ top-of-mind consideration for that when they realize the need to print, they will think of you first. You can do this through effective writing, by painting the problem (pain print to a local printer, printing poor quality and have the impression, etc.) and establishing itself as the best solution. Also, maintaining brand consistency and think of ways to stand out.

Finally, keep a list of customers and constantly keep in touch with them. Thus, they will remember you when you need to print.

2) Educate clients about the different types of printing services available

Customers who do not understand digital and offset printing. Customers who want to get your printed material. Requests can be made that could be difficult or time consuming and resources to an end.


You must provide information about your site and educate their customers. Consider a move that provides more information about the technical terms. Let your customers to read the proof before printing, and remind them that “what you see is what you get.” You can also share items from your web site to educate customers.

You need to educate their customers and consistently over time, customers will be able to understand the best printing service.

3) Change the behavior of people printing online printing online

Most people instinctively when they need to print is going to visit a print shop. Or they may have partners who are working with printing needs. Despite the impression online can help save costs and efforts, can not have the incentive or motivation to change or to seek further information when it comes to printing services.

Cost of change in question, since they may not be familiar with you and want to stay with their current partners. You may not see the need for change.


You need to convince their customers to reduce costs. You can do this by comparing prices for the price on their site so that the benefits are obvious.

Emphasize and provision of services other than printers to differentiate themselves in service, 24 hour printing, etc.

Provide excellent customer service. One of the strengths of a hardcopy and an online print is face to face interaction. You have to do so, offering a phone line and email to enable customers to contact you.

People on trial through discounts and promotions for a time by using the online printing and how he will continue to use it.

More companies will choose the line printer for your printing needs and printing companies online have to think about how to do better than their competitors to gain market share.

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Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 Business Online

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