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Oklahoma-based customer service as a pioneer in Crest Foods probably will not leap to mind. As in history, in 1964, company founder Nick Harroz he used to own three different grocery stores in the rest of the signal character name put together.

Now with six locations of the Crest “and the higher the stack is sold cheap,” promises Bruce, Nick is the son running the show. 57, Bruce is not an external gadget person. He does not e-mail. He raises a used car. So you can get the old school.

He’s not a mannequin. Wal-Mart (- news – people WMT) have their own against Bruce, he is providing good customer service, I know – and that means the acceptance of technology. If you run the Work with retail should be removed. This is your future.

A few months ago, Bruce on one of their stores to check out the system thoroughly. Goal: Check out the four bases to remove the fishing lure four cache and instead directed them to one person. Touch screen, scanner, and give each of the platforms – all of NCR Corp. (NCR created a remote traffic control center’s role in the crew – News Fast Lane Self-checkout units, he has the acquisition – people). These devices are customer barcode, scan and bag all their own They will pay for your purchase.

Bruce, as well as some trembling, was “My biggest concern was shoplifting,” and yet shrink the size of the (lost, damaged or stolen goods inventory) He has not budged since installation. Consumers, it seems, quite frankly.

Installation and training, including $ 140 000 for a four-unit: Bruce’s other concern was the size of the investment. Many came to pay cash in front of Bruce. There is a big nut for small and medium-sized businesses. Software support and maintenance will run another $ 8,000 in the year. Bruce and his four people are registered in house programmers, consoles now flogging his new self-service solutions inventory management system that has its own. It also includes these costs.

Bruce to a new system that corresponds conservatively estimated annual cost savings, “Well, at least two full-time to the cache.” From $ 8.00 per hour minimum wage, the annual savings of approximately $ 35 000 per year. So why bother? “The cost savings are good,” Bruce says. “But we made the investment, why not,” he said.

The real reason why customer service – it is in the shop as soon as possible means to get people out. Bruce on sale, “visible check up” (he does not express it, but) you will see the start. “My clients love it,” he says. “We have no more long checkout line: things go much faster.”

Bruce these self-service cash register in his remaining five regional plans. Has potential, he offers payment terms to five years with NCR will finance future purchases.

No one to tell you a little about what does not a badge of courage. Wal-Mart and other large retailers to improve the customer shopping experience if you invest in technology, small fry, like Bruce, and I do not have a choice be maintained.

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 Business Strategy

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