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Are you thinking about buying a business? Would you buy one? Well Buy a business today is very different than buying one before 2008. This economy is not unexpected in accounting rules have changed and you should be up to the speed of change or risk paying much more than they should. Of course, if you use the services of a certified business broker can be sure that you get the best deal possible. However, if your own attack, at least seven tips for buying small and medium businesses to know.

1. Need seller financing

Before the current financial crisis, entrepreneurs are looking to buy a business has multiple sources to obtain financing, including equity in their homes. The loan has a dry and serious seller of a business should be willing to return to ensure that all or a portion of the purchase price.

2. Think about using an earnout payment as

Earn Outs feel when a company is profitable in the past hitting slump in business. It is clear that if the seller a price floor on the outstanding performance of the past and want based on the number of sellers today. Earn Outs is an agreement for the payment basis, and therefore the highest price, based on the performance after the conclusion of the deposit for a designated amount of time.

3. Think of the cost of making improvements

This is something that is similar to buying a house that desperately needed a new kitchen. Your purchase price must take into account the cost of kitchen renovations. In business, they are renovated “problems may include labor relations, customer service effectiveness, Web sites, reputation in the community and any other problems you have to invest to” fix “.

4. What costs renegotiable

If no lease is involved, when they last and what the trends in the market for leasing in your area. The same applies to contracts with suppliers. If you are thinking of contract and the rent can be negotiated down your assessment that in this business to take.

5. Knowing the true value of the inventory purchased

If 20% of stocks inch of dust under it are out of date or just a dog, not included in the value of the company. Either pay the owner money in dollars or operate a consignment deal, you pay the owner of such sale.

6. Buy in the future not the past

Know what you buy in the industry is headed. Do people who buy whips beat the best in this country trains three days before the launch of the Ford Model A. The first is your due diligence so that your business plan in a realistic blueprint for the future.

7. Ask for help from a professional tax

This is actually not changed much since 2008, but it is very important that the impact of tax on purchases know. How to buy and how to pay and assume obligations or does not think you can have a huge impact on the real cost of the buy.

Sounds challenging place. There is always plenty of negotiation skills necessary for the company to buy, but now those skills have become much more important. You can overcome the challenges of their own or you can go a certified business brokers, people who do it for everyday life, the hard work.

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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 Business, Business Opportunity

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