Communication in Project Business

If you have a shop to buy a product, so filling, you talk to sales people about your needs so that they can provide the right products. Now, imagine that the shop your project, and sales people on your team. They can produce results if you do not tell you what you want?

When we talk about communication in project management, we are not thinking about how to communicate informally – greeting, politely ask about family or complain about the weather. We have a formal communication in mind, one of the results with information about employment and purposeful. Although it is a basic type of informal and formal communication harder trying to set up and maintained properly.

Why is communication and collaboration important? Because they can make or break the project. Affect communication performance. When trying to well-performing project teams to achieve effective communication is needed to produce the desired results a reality of it. Without a well-established channels, there can be no hope that this project will, as planned. Successful project managers have good communication skills to effectively present information in them is to listen and act on feedback and promoting harmony among team members.

Project is a spectrum of information about the project. A good project manager knows exactly what information they need to give and what to accept. It is important for the project that involved everyone knows what is expected of them – what to do when they had to do, and what budget and time constraints and the quality and specifications on their way to. On the other hand, project managers should be informed every step of the project on the project changes / risks and the progress and needs of customers. If no communication channel was established, there is no way important information is shared.

With so much information around many project managers have become confused and give information sharing. This is where the band occurs. But unavoidable complicated as they seem. There are some basic rules of communication that project managers must remember to stay away from confusion and misunderstanding.

• Share information in time
Every project manager wants to be ready for any surprises when unexpected things happen. So, why not the project team to prepare well? For example, if an additional task occurs, there is no harm if the project team members informed of a job immediately after the fact. This gives enough time to make proper changes in the plan, their current team, so he can prepare to perform all tasks successfully.

• Provide information that simply is the golden rule
Become a misunderstanding might come back and blow up the project manager of the team. Provide team members with enough information about this project, they can follow the decision of project managers and leads. This is what united the team and project managers keep. Lack of information often causes more problems than thinking that there might be a project manager.

• Messages should always useful
If the message is inconsistent and poorly presented, team members will not appear as a command to the project. And Project Managers must be able to see that, because the fewer tasks to be completed. Consistency in communication and collaboration indicates that project managers realize that what is important for team members to implement, it is important to support him. This provides comfort in the work of the team, knowing they would not just leave. Plus, it makes it easier for team members to communicate if they have problems in completing their tasks.

Important to communicate and collaborate in project management can be explained through examples of everyday life. Imagine you come home. Is it normal if you do not talk with your family and sharing with them what had happened during the day to make changes in your life? And if you do not ask for their feedback, how do you know if they agree with your decision, whether they will support you, possessions or perhaps a better idea and suggestion?

During weekdays, the project team is a family of project managers. They spent time together more than eight hours a day. When not needed for communication and collaboration, what?

Excellent communication skills are not everything needed to build and maintain an understanding within the team. Needs of project managers:
a good listener – to focus on team members and their needs. She will feel more important in the project and the value they give themselves to increase. In the end, a greater motivation to perform their tasks on time with good results.
asking for feedback from team members – will receive a progress report of the task, the best way to get familiar with where the actual project. When team members to report what has been done and what not, gives project managers the opportunity to see what caused the problem in the work of each team member. In this way, the project team members to help all obstacles and difficulties they have in their work to overcome.
the project and communication – in other words upgrade, the project manager always vigilant about the project and project information. Consistency in documentation updates will be made for the team members are more likely to notice and then take action.

Why so much noise on communication and collaboration in project management? Not all project managers realize that they both value to the project and the project team. Besides making the work less stressful project managers, they create a comfortable atmosphere for team members to ask for help, freely express their ideas, to take responsibility for their actions. They help the team to create synergies and to promote productive collaboration that successful completion of the project will create. In this way there is the possibility of a par for the misunderstanding, even more, in some cases completely removed. The team continues to focus on the very projects, complete tasks and activities, or other efforts necessary to keep the project on track.

Another advantage of the communication is that it easier to track the progress of the project, including the illegal construction and forecasting the completion date for each of the different departments that work as separate units. There is no simple project today, the only major projects handled by different departments. Desired successful project can be observed by each department to feel appreciated, to appear at a high level and feedback. For this, the project managers should listen to what they say and what is being said.

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Sunday, January 31st, 2010 Business, Business Opportunity

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