Direct Sales and Network Marketing

Markets such as health and wellness industry offers a variety of services and products, it is therefore important to potential customers know what distinguishes a product or brand from another.
Direct selling has become more frequent as a result of changes in technology, particularly the Internet. Not only is it more appropriate for customers, but also property prices are often much more affordable line. This is because the nature of the distribution model, that buyers are buying directly from manufacturers rather than suppliers or wholesale stores, which are often responsible for large margins on commodity prices. However, this is understandable when one considers the costs under a sale to cover.

By ordering directly from a manufacturer, customers have a better relationship with the manufacturer of their products, rather than the retailer. This often leads to excellent customer service and consumers will have easier access to detailed product information. The customer is thus able to better understand the benefits of the products they buy.
Multi-Level Marketing is a system used by direct selling companies of their products and services. In multi-level marketing, independent Associates (repetitions) to promote the company’s products on their behalf, through word of mouth and paid to do. The main advantage of product promotion in this way is that potential customers can learn about products from a trusted source (usually a friend, a colleague at work on, and so on.) And they can learn how the products differ from the competition. In a market such products on health and wellness, new products may be lost on the bed of a retail outlet, among other similar products! If the product is unique, the buyer has no way to learn how the product is unique, unless they are willing to do their own research.
Another reason the MLM marketing strategy would be preferable that the story behind the products is essential. It can be difficult to share the story in a short television ad and whether the products are of superior quality that history behind them could be vital.
Finally, it is important to determine what came first for a network marketing organization: the product design or business? The business model can be very profitable for the company and its independent associates, so that only certain companies can make products to fit the business model. This is quite different from an organization that has a great product and want to take the greatest method of sharing information about their products. Try to distinguish which came first for any company that uses the business model.

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Monday, April 18th, 2011 Business Strategy

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