Donuts Franchise Cafes

The United States may be in the middle of a recession, slow recovery, or the beginning of a double-dip recession. However, it seems that every time I go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts’, they are full of people. What draws people? Is premium coffee tasting? Is it the heat donuts, donuts and other sweets? Is Wi-Fi? The atmosphere? Friendly service? With a well-lit area to read the paper (paper or e-reader format) and spend 30 minutes and relax for less than $ 10? The ability to enter the comfort food? This is probably a combination of all these things.

In the nineties, you had a couple of interesting cultural phenomena. The rise of gourmet coffee such as Starbucks and Peet had seen every day consumers that the coffee was not only a pair of black mud, but something very enjoyable. She also hit sitcom Friends television show millions of Americans every week, a cozy coffee / donut / bakery place was an ideal place for singles to meet to share stories, and dragging. Today people, the growth of social networks like Facebook are encouraged to connect online with hundreds of social relations and friends. At the same time it makes less and less the reality of relationships with people face to face.

Since Donuts franchise cafes now are really a better diet, they are effectively fill this gap in human interaction for many people. Well-lit, welcoming and bright, they attract attention as a welcoming and warm, a place for individuals, families, children, business people, or anyone else. Some people go with their children, spouses or friends to talk about everyday things. Others may just sit there and enjoy their coffee and donuts while watching the Facebook or visit the website of their choice. Although they did not bring a friend to talk to and not in many conversations with strangers, she became involved at least to interact with real people, and perhaps behind their house or desktop screen for a few minutes. A casual remark like “I like your shirt”, “thank you for the door open” or “what kind of donuts you want”, perhaps the only social interaction that person must be for the day. But for a society hungry for real face-to-face communication and human interaction that can be so important.


Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 Business Idea

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