Establishing Boundaries in Business

I heard several times of employers who feel that their clients are managing their businesses that feel they are at your disposal. This can certainly happen when you’re new to the business, but also happens to experienced business women. I think this will affect more women than men.

We are complacent, we all want to be happy and will do everything to make this happen. The problem with this is that you will burn more quickly, they are frustrated, too often, and I’ll tell you, these customers will probably not be happy or satisfied anyway.

I had lots of practice to put limits on my business when I had my private psychotherapy practice for 23 years. And one thing that attracted me to coaching is that many of these very low limits in the coaching relationship, as opposed to a therapeutic relationship. You have my email address private, many of you have my cell phone number and I want to meet for lunch!

However, even with softer limits there are other limits to be established and enforced and the limits must be set by you.

Being an entrepreneur, be your own boss, have a home office are all wonderful things. It also means that you can work 24 / 7, if you do not look.

Here are some tips that worked well for me that you might want to think about and model.

1. Set a schedule for you and stick to it. Allow me to my company as an example. “I see” customers first and third weeks, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In addition to the demand structure of my programs at this time if possible.

2 and 4 weeks of the month and Mondays are the days where I can work on new programs, marketing and general business tasks. This allows me time blocks to do the job instead of an hour here and there for an hour.

And oh, I never, never answer my phone business after 5:00 or on weekends.

2. The setting time for you and put them in your day timer … ink. When you go to the gym, when you run, by meditating, etc.? Literally write these appointments in your book and stick to it.

If a client says: “I can only meet at 8:00 am,” simply say, “Sorry, I’m not available right now.” You do not say “go to the gym at that time.” And please do not cancel your gym time to meet a client. There are many hours in a day you can meet them.

There are programs for planning a configuration where it is good enough to put the time you’re available and people visiting this site and choose the moments that have been established as an option for you.

3. Not accommodate or circumvent the parameters that have been created in the first place. It seems that when I have “better” than anyone has the opposite effect on me. Usually want more “good” over time while others were able to do your work schedule may be injured.

With our technology today, most calls are recorded or transcribed. If you want your information may be accessed and listen later.

It’s your business. Its boundaries will be honored and respected by their customers and if not, can go elsewhere, not an option for you.

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Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 Business

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