Find a Notary for The Better Business Bureau

A notary is a public officer appointed by the state government that serves the public by serving first as an impartial witness. In most states, appointed by the Secretary of State, and they serve as official representatives of the state or county government. Their main function is to protect against fraud, usually by the testimony and the signing of official documents.

If as a witness to sign an official document, a notary has three main tasks. First, in many cases, they must verify the actual identity of the people signing the document. This usually involves checking a driver’s license or other identification materials. Second, they verify that they really ready to sign the document. You ask questions to ensure that the person does not sign under duress or intimidation. Finally, they make sure they understand the basics of the document they signed. In addition, in some cases can be a notary public an affidavit by the person about the truth of the statements contained in this document.

There are several types of documents, which are used to notaries and notary services to offer. Among the most common are the property deeds, wills and powers of attorney. But you can also mortgage documents, to help birth and death certificates, and much more. Notary services are needed in many industries, including real estate, legal, financial planners, banks, credit unions, savings and corporate loans, nursing facilities, hospitals and home institutions rest for long term care facilities, hospice centers and facilities for immigration. Services play an important role in the economy and society.

You can perform their notarial duties part-time or full-time job. Notary public in most countries, the cost to obtain a document may be $ 0.50 to $ 10.00. The price depends on the files you need a notary and certified as a rule more difficult to document, the more expensive the cost. Some solicitors charge additional fees when the oath must be taken. The State Government should set a rule that all fees and expenses of solicitors of the same amount. However, you can calculate travel costs when they provide mobile notary. Moreover, as technology continues to grow, some countries notaries perform their work electronically, which means they legalize documents online.

According to the state where you live, there are many ways to be a notary. Fill in many states, a notary must apply and pass a notary. You may also need to obtain a letter of recommendation from an official. Sometimes, a notary must also learn to take a course on the duties of a notary. As the requirements and duties of a notary can be very complicated, many people recommend only with a notary, notary course online or in person work has been completed.

If you must work with a lawyer, there are several ways to find a credible system. The easiest way is to ask friends and relatives. As required notary services is widespread, probably someone you know a lawyer they trust. If not, is a smart way to find a notary for the Better Business Bureau or your local Chamber of Commerce. Both have recommendations for a credible ones.


Friday, September 23rd, 2011 Business

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