Finding the Space to work not in the Floor Space but on the Screen itself thanks to the Cyber Science

When trading, the commercial activities of a company or a business house go on expanding the physical and actual space and accommodation become real matters of concern. And, particularly in a city environment, finding suddenly suitable and comfortable extra accommodation is really a problem. In cities and townships where industrialisation and urbanisation is growing fast, the landscape gets enlarged horizontally more. The geographical area of the place gets widened and expanded. It is a common factor for all cities and towns and for that matter of each and every country. If extra work force is compulsorily required and the working place and yards are needed physically there is no other method than to find an additional office work space. But science and cyber technology has given some sort of solution for this matter in the form of virtual offices and co working space for rent which is picking up every where in the world at least in the developed world where cyber technology prevails more in the day to day activities of the business house.

The scope of virtual offices is not only a concept but a practical remedy. It can not be said that it is the fully substituting factor for the space problem, but can accommodate those professionals who attend their jobs sitting at different locations and fill in their assignments through internet through their laptops, desktops or even handsets. Virtual offices are nothing but locations not necessarily existing with room or hall space but exist in cyberspace. It makes the professionals exploiting the rich opportunities through web conferences, video conferencing, Wi-Fi backed discussions in cyber room space. The leading multi national software and hardware companies get the services from their creamy brains through their output from their laptops and similar systems on occasions. Even transmission of data of higher volume is also possible and taken from them. Tele-conferencing and data transmission accomplish the task and these are done in the virtual offices. There are some companies who announce and advertise to provide virtual office space combined with real space for meeting and discussions.

Also, there is another concept becoming a sound reality in practice that is co working space. This indicates that there is a working place consisting of people who work for some business houses or individuals or professionals who contribute to companies or business firms. Here they find an opportunity to share values and ideas. They may work for different addresses. Nowadays, there are projects people who rent out their spaces which may fit for supplemental to virtual office for in-room discussions and co working spaces. Co working space makes a mini community of various types of professionals which actually delivers opportunities for valued exposures. Working in isolation by some talented professionals can be done away with by these spaces available. Big business houses and software solution firms look out for the co working slots for their requirements from professionals who at their conveniences avail this convenience and deliver goods. The business house is relieved of huge space, rent and other mundane problems and still thing do move.

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