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Garment exports this year is very good, 1 double-June growth of textile and apparel industry exports, exports of textiles and clothing in the entire first half of the year is 23.178 billion USD to 26.4%, an increase of 22 percentage points over the previous year a total view of the inside of the garment and textile industry in the national growth rate of the total amount that it is not the highest.

From a national perspective, China’s exports to Japan is now number one, Japan has replaced Hong Kong more than two years and have exported to Hong Kong, the largest in the first half of the textile and apparel industry exports, Japan’s is $ 30.42 100,000. 000 to 7.8%, the minimum value of the water increases, knitwear export to Japan, $ 2,114,000,000, an increase of 17.12%, this increase is the lowest and the largest exporter, we are the smallest, one can say that had virtually the world over the smallest increase. Hong Kong’s textile exports 1894000000 $ to 13.01%, this increase is not high, but it is the growth of the recovery in 2000, when we were down to Hong Kong. The third is the United States, the United States in the first half of the exports of garments and textile 1378000000 USD 38.49 percent, knitting is $ 655,000,000 to 30.22%, the EU’s $ 1.375 billion to 42.23 parts per cent. Textile exports to South Korea was $ 495 million, knitwear exports $ 499 million, an increase of 20.82%. This suggests in the first half of the country’s exports to the United States and the EU is the fastest-growing can be seen.

Within the last say in the industry often is how well we export, how fast it is to promote a success, but this year I have a different perspective, I think the rapid growth of textile exports to the band included many questions be.

Now we determine growth rate of apparel exports, and prices are linked, in this type of acceleration in economic growth, the price of the type, reduced growth, exports, followed quickly in Europe and the United States this year is the competitive situation very difficult. Now look at the production and export seems to be the situation very well, but I think now the situation is the existence of our industry for many years, many problems and contradictions, has risen rapidly. I think companies for the phenomenal growth in our exports this year by SARS and also the speed at which affected mainly in the United States should be prepared, Mexico is now the largest export market increase of State. Exports to the United States is the largest increase for the month rose to 40.27% woven garments, knitwear has reached 30.21%. Now, the U.S. Commerce Department’s report is even higher, as we showed, he said, that we increase as much as 66%. U.S. Department of Commerce solution to this problem in time, found a significant increase in Chinese textile industry, was compensated by other countries, was U.S. textile exports, leading to a U.S. general phenomenon, and textiles, the U.S. textile exports in the last decade this phenomenon has never, to reach to 656 million square meters, up to 66% on Chinese textile exports to the U.S. for the month of total U.S. exports accounted for 19.3 percent. Therefore, this rapid growth is a very dangerous signal, we should say that the tree attracts the wind. Because China and other textile products are increasingly the United States, Europe, Canada limited commercial audience, these countries may at any time of the trade agreements and our specific use situation, product-specific safeguard clause, or dumping of products in order to limit the terms of clothing.

In fact, the rapid growth of this category, while the export unit price quickly into the water I fall was 6 years, and low prices make us the industry is really in love with each business Until now we have a lot of companies felt really the pressure and the difficulties, low prices for an important bearing on the question of our industry. Export prices have to fall further, know that threaten the survival of our industry in the future. Rapid growth of exports and foreign demand factors, but also joint action of internal factors, the developed countries led to the economic downturn on consumption, reduce income and so turned to the nature of high quality and cheap Chinese goods, but participated at lower rates. Changes in price increase in the environment and the number of opportunities for the clothing industry, in many countries, the war continues, a sense of security to China’s stability and security for development to reduce development of garment industry provides an opportunity for customers around the world continue to orders to increase from China. From the inside of the main reasons there are six areas.

To make one of China’s accession to the WTO on non-tariff measures changes in the rate of a positive response. The quotas of textiles, especially in Europe and the United States, this part of the quota will be lifted, foreign investors, the value of this section are excluded, after the abolition of quotas in Europe and the United States, while foreign orders, immediately after the bottom down the price, the company first needed to get rid of export quotas immediately cost.Second lost part of FDI expansion of production in our country, but also increased the export channel, there are many foreign investors to China to China as an export base that is rapidly developing in recent years we have reason.Third, producing the rate of export enterprises increased diversification of export channels, I have thoroughly researched the information in the past year less than the number of cross-border trade in the fastest growing clothing, and that is to export to our country growth.Fourth, garment export market thanks to China’s textile companies diversification.Fifth have entered the chain of distribution network, by a large flow of international drive large international, many large international corporations, this to do, but also links and price, and companies across the retail group cross directly into the retail market, the company more and more national and multinational companies established good cooperative relations, multinational companies through marketing, bulk buying of Chinese clothing and their general orders and large, but low prices, then this is your growing export unit prices down.

Friday, China two years in the development of new substances are also effective, and now all levels, as well as the clothes get orders for exporters to facilitate a broad spectrum, including the growth of exports, the price per unit. In 1994, financed our country has so far companies are not entitled to water policy, this part of the company’s prices were due to lower taxes, foreign investors now control our country’s policy is clear Zhengce to some of the clothing industry’s own, sometimes eating abroad. Few companies actually have very little benefit. In the area of ​​clothing, reducing the unit price problem is a serious problem, which is an important factor in the chaos of competition in the industry. Among the many factors that we should do.

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 International Business

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