A Good Business Leader Through Good Relationship

Imagine for a moment that you’re the CEO of a company, and you’re on your way to the airport to meet key people. Maybe they are the CEO of a company foreign battery, and you need their expertise to a new car of your ability to launch. They can lead investigator of the biomedical companies with the essential ingredients for a new drug that you are creating. Whatever you do, you have many competitors, and not much time to close this transaction. How can you ensure that the person you’ve never met will see both hard on your business? This might be how they feel when they met at the airport.

“If you’re a celebrity in your hands, make them feel like a VIP,” said Bob Morgan, who worked at a limousine company in Beverly Hills. “You work extra. You do not drop them off at McDonald’s, you bring them in Table 8. You do not have to book them in at the Holiday Inn, you do at the Resort Terranea. Do you really want their Welcome eyes pop them in the Los Angeles with a luxurious limousine ride.? “

For ambitious people who are just starting a business or an established leader with a long history of transactions, making the visiting CEOs feel important and accepted may not come as second nature, said Mr Morgan. “You have to be in their shoes to obtain a time when they had come all the way to spend time om you and your company .. Als goede vooruitzichten know they are here, they must tekenen zien that the company was serious, which have the potential high growth and that a money maker. “He said a luxury limousine tour of Los Angeles would be a deal maker. “Not only do they act like one million U.S. dollars, but also showing them that this company has the cash.”

A good leader knows that business relationships are the key to bridging differences and the potential for closing the deal. What is going to get away from the office or factory for a while, do something fun. “This is why many business transactions are agreed upon in the course of gold,” said Bob. “This helps out a little removed. Air, a clear head.” He advises business leaders to take time off to have fun. “Out in the city. Invite them to have fun in Los Angeles in a stretch limo ride to see the sights .. a play or movie, or hitting the clubs late. Go to the beach or a short trip to The Wine Country. All these activities can make you feel good prospects for the heart of your business. When it’s time to sign on the dotted line, they will realize that your company makes them feel like a real VIP. “

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