Good Thing Follow the Translated Bible into Creole Language

Bible the Holy Book is also advanced. For the sake of morality, education, togetherness, and the spread of the teachings, Bible has been through many processes of translation. As we all know, the Bible has been translated into many different languages. One of the languages referred here includes Creole language. The Creole languages include English-based Creole languages, Dutch-based Creola languages, and French-based languages. Major translation of the Bible into Creole includes Haitian Creole and Gullah.

One website informed that there was a gathering celebration from the distribution of the Gospel of John’s Easy-to-Read™ Haitian Creole Translation. The ceremony was opened by Pastor Jean Bilda Robert, the National Director of Bible Leagues Haiti.

The scripture of Creole bible brings the hope for the people, together with the strength, as the people of Haitian are in the recovery periods from the devastating earthquake they experienced in 2010. With the Bible that is translated into Creole language, the spoken language used by Haitian people every day, the action and awareness of finding encouragement will be easier and easier for them by checking on the translated Bible.

This way, the teachings of the Bible can be understood easier by the Haitian people. They also are able to stick to the Bible much more for they feel like more attached to the Bible with the language they understand and use. It is hoped that the teachings can be much more easier to be applied in everyday life of Haitian people. Starts with a small step, in this case the translated Bible, the teachings are remained in everyone who believes in the Holy Book.

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