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If you own a house cleaning business, then you know that the start up cost is an attractive feature of their respective companies. In this case, one can engage in some competition in your area for house cleaning business. If you have been in business for a while or are on us to win new customers, then you can consider additional services to clean house on the application from your service. This can work well if your customer is working with you in a while and trust you with their homes.

* Pet-sitting
If your customers own pets, then you might consider a pet sitter long after their vacation and need someone to make sure that you are feeding their young, and water. This can be especially easy for your customers, because most likely you have a key to their homes and remain with their pets. If you would like to offer this service, then you should do some research on a questionnaire that you developed to have a correct answer to question in connection with the care of each animal. This is your work from pet sitting a lot easier and your customers will feel safe, know that you care for your pet.

Often, pet sitting for a fee or for any pets so superior, how you plan to create for pet sitting services and your newspaper to charge a price that the customer can your goods be considered if the opportunity comes to be. This can be a very profitable niche provider of vacation, but remember, if you go often and go on vacation, then a pet sitting service can not work with your schedule.

* Special cleaning
Cleaning the house usually with vacuuming, dusting, cleaning and other tasks. If you want to expand your services, then you might want to clean the party – such as steam cleaning or carpet cleaning. These services often require special professional tools and skills learned. Therefore, before providing additional services to your customers, you should do some research on what kind of equipment you might need to get and what kind of skills to the provision before you receive services.

* House Sitting
House sits a great service and easy to make. The meeting in connection with irrigation and grass, while in Mail and other small tasks that need doing, if someone is on vacation. House sits a “live” look and prevent the theft because the thief would think that the residents are at home. Because you have a lock, this should provide a relatively simple service, especially if you work in the surrounding area and not drive out of their way to make a stop back in the empty house.

Pool maintenance
Many homeowners have a pool, a pool maintenance company to come and clean their tanks rent. If you have the proper equipment, then the pool is clean, a type of service you can offer your customers. Be sure to do your research, because the device can be expensive and difficult to wear if you do not have a big car.

If a full-service pool cleaning option seems a bit beyond the scope of services that can offer you, then you can clean only light in the pool of customers. Easy cleaning is required just skimming the pool. By providing a light cleaning, your customers can not combine their companies regularly go into the pool, to take care of them – make it a win-win situation for you and your customers.

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 Business

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