Improving Business Presentation

You have difficulties to negotiate and convince potential customers to buy your products? Tired of printing brochures and flyers? Then you should try another method to sell their products and services. Why not try the business presentation as a way to attract new customers?

Presentation of a business is an effective method of presenting their ideas, plans, tactics and views to a group of people. It’s a way to convince customers to close a business or buy their products. You can convince the leaders and management staff to approve a specific project. Because of its importance and effectiveness, the Internet is not used only by executives, sales staff and management of people, but also to students, teachers and politicians.

If you are a novice or experienced presenter can be stressful and uncomfortable because most of the time you’re nervous and speechless in front of a group of people. Delivery of presentations and development of traditional skills and are drawn. All you have to do is learn the techniques and practice to gain credibility and competence as a presenter of business.

Before starting to plan and present your business presentation, ask yourself the following questions to help you make an effective presentation:

* What is the purpose of the presentation?

* Who will attend the event and how much?

* What’s in store for you if you present it effectively?

* How will you present your idea?

* What are the vital information necessary for its purposes?

* Where is the location?

* What equipment is needed to make their presentations to persuade and effective?

Techniques for effective presentations:

* Never forget to take the lead the public to give time to prepare all your needs.

* During the presentation, be sure to use key phrases and keeping only the vital information. You must submit three or four problems on the subject and be sure to be consistent in the presentation. You should limit the number of words and the use of only three points per slide.

* Make sure you put a headline on top of each slide so that the public can follow. Avoid using technical and difficult to understand words and sentences.

* Avoid using excessive punctuation and avoid using all capital letters in which slips, as it is difficult to read and it sounds as if their crying.

* Never use a fancy font. Select easy to read and simple sources, such as Verdana, Arial or Times New Roman *. Keep them large enough to be read. Sources must be at least 24 points and 30 points.

* Do not forget to make eye contact with the audience and speak clearly.

* When you are nervous, breathe deeply to get enough air and relieve the tension and panic.

* Use contrasting colors for the background and text. You should limit the number of slides to avoid distractions.

* Use graphs, tables and photographs to add variety to maintain the public’s attention and make your presentation more persuasive. Avoid excessive use of animations and transitions between slides.

* Make sure your presentation can be run on any computer.

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Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 Business Strategy

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