Do it yourself and increase your value

When entering the professional world on your own, a mastery of your trade is integral to success. For those of us who have built a business from the bottom up, we have a very clear and concise knowledge that big time investors might not have. This knowledge is critical in knowing how to deal with customers. It makes them feel confident and more comfortable. It makes them understand that you’re not just a salesman, you’re far more than that. When you build your own business from just a seed of an idea to becoming an actual employer, your value increases.


For those of us who dream of opening or starting a business and don’t have much of the ‘do it yourself’ experience, taking first steps in long journeys is daunting. However, as with anything else in this world, everything is daunting until you try it. I understand that designing and distributing media, or setting up business accounts and hiring, or literally building a storefront are not every day activities for the average man or woman, but you can learn easily enough if you use any of the myriad resources at your disposal. The internet is an endless supply of knowledge, accessible to anyone with a computer or phone, and sites like roll up banner stand or will help you transform your good idea into a great idea!

I recently opened up a restaurant called The Bucket List. It all kind of happened by accident, and was an unlikely endeavor, especially because I’m not a businessman, or at least I wasn’t. The thing that makes my restaurant different from others is that my customers design the menu specifically for them. Each meal is kind of like its own art project, which makes it more fun for my staff and me, and unforgettable for my customers. I have guests give me their dream meal when they make their reservations, and reservations need to be made two weeks in advance. Each reservation gets its own consultant who helps them form a potentially out of the ordinary menu. The rules are simple, I won’t make anything illegal. That means nothing poisonous, nothing endangered, and nothing that employs or condones any harmful behavior. Anything outside of that is fair game.

The reason I bring this up is because I actually did build this business up from a mere concept to a now almost breaking even business. Because of my experience in learning how to do everything myself, I have a better sense of how to market myself and to whom. For example, when I conjured this idea a few years ago, I thought that everyone would want a bite of the bucket list. That was pure fantasy based on nothing at all. Dreams, I suppose. Now I’m realizing that not only is my restaurant for a specifically niche clientele, I’m also realizing how to reach them. I’ve joined a number of food clubs in Southern California because I’m a foodie, but because of the communities I’m building, I have better access to niche vendors and to the market that I want to exploit. So do it yourself, and become more valuable.

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