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Departments of literary life cycle (OLC) is based on four known step up to the beginning (or date of birth), growth, decline, renewal or death. Adizes describes the 10 steps in the form of the chart for more ways to describe the OLC should start at the end of courtship and death. Adizes, according to the business of OLC (stable phase) before they reach the top, “the organization to achieve a balance between flexibility and control was the best location” is defined as a “prime” stage. Our global strategy at this stage, I think that should be considered as well. Distribution or to a point where the new International is a way to increase revenue hole. Distribution, opening new branches and set up a new subsidiary called market expansion strategy is part of overhead.

For many years in business, companies think globally, and they do it in a variety of ways. All years of global expansion strategy quickly becomes the leading strategy. Through this strategy, the company that runs them in their target market, legal, sales and marketing, is looking for partners to manage the array.

World eager to expand the market when the cleanup category representation that it is a service that offers one. Increase your income by being present to work on behalf of the company is authorized to handle. These permits allow the company’s business strategy, corporate culture and its management structure and has a duty to act in cooperation. So basically there to increase sales in other countries, in contrast to the design, deployment, strategic Here is a two way relationship, but little commitment between the parties, and business relationships will be weak.

Because more and more firms engaged in such business relationship between the two parties to a representative of a larger loyalty can be obtained. Thurs loyal improve the reliability of the business in a given market, which has a better chance of long-term relationships. For this purpose, companies build long-term strategy to build a strong brand of products is available. It costs more to hire an agent, but the company trying to expand into new markets will be more useful when you realize it.

The business is changing all the small and medium-sized businesses, large businesses are struggling to survive while growing. Medium-sized companies looking for ways to have normal barriers and realize the competition is tough. Consumers can choose will be faced with thousands of products. More, even if costs do not have a lot of mistakes. Created by incorrect market expansion strategies in the short term, the damage is greater than the savings. Reliability and customer loyalty is the key to success in the world, you do not want the wrong decision. Globalization is a business services representative in the future.

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 International Business

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