Long-term Business Goal in Manageable Tasks

Main goals are great. It takes a very good idea to be successful. One way to ensure that your goals fast become an obstacle to your success, it is, they break down into small manageable tasks and short-term goals. I’ll explain exactly how to do that.

Create multiple targets 90 days depending on your major long-term. These are goals that you know you can achieve within three months and they are stepping stones towards your big goal. Depending on the priority list small goals, and select one of them to start work immediately. Now you know what you need to work for the next 90 days, the tasks can be completed within two weeks, which will help you achieve your goal of creating 90 days. By breaking your larger goal of these smaller and shorter long-term goals, and you’ll be able to task durations even shorter on each task and then focus target individually, since each service you closer and closer to your greatest long-term goals. How does it work?

I do it myself with my big goals. I worked in the factory where I graduated from high school. I spent the next eight years working to get to work many different jobs in factories on an assembly line, forklift driving, as you use a turn in the workshop. I did a lot of money, as a factory worker, but I saw how limited I have to do a destination to go to college and set a degree in computer science. This was my great long-term goal, so I set small goals and 90 days even smaller tasks of shorter duration possible – things like looking into the conditions under which university entrance exams and application fees for loans. Whenever I finished a series of tasks and a short-term goal, I had to reach to achieve my main objective, the work college degree. With this method, I could give my factory work, attend college and was himself again to the study by the same companies that the students work as a computer program that I put the four years that I ‘I attended was in school.

This was the beginning for me in the goal and learn to break a big long-term goal into manageable tasks. Its me again and again worked over the years, and I will continue this process for me today in my own business. I also help my clients learn to do for themselves to grow their business. As part of my income program Charging Master Mind is 90 days each, their goals and tasks in two weeks, I call stretch goals. We meet as a group every two weeks and discuss the situation of each member of stretch goals and two weeks of brainstorming with others to help solve problems or challenges that came from.

At the end of 90 days, we celebrate the goal, achievements and new targets for 90 days. The method of attachment of an object and then the little things on track and stay accountable to each recipe really helped recharge Mastermind members continue to grow their business.


Thursday, August 18th, 2011 Business

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