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A lot of management skills are developed through quality research in recent years. Provide a good basis for the development of management skills and improve performance. However, sometimes intangible or abstract feel that way when I’m working with directors to ground theories of treatment a little bit of reality. For example, I sometimes use a very simple exercise to help clarify the managers, who are the most important skills and behaviors they need in their organizations. Answer questions that relate to your company, your staff and your experiences:

Think of the best coaches have worked at some point and ask yourself the following questions. What did the best? Why? What do they say? What did they do? What does not? How do you feel?

Write a list of all the things I think. Describe the things you saw, felt and heard. Take special care, behavior and events. Because these are the things on your mind?
Now think about your own leadership style when working with their employees. How many of these things are a reflection of you? What would your employees say about you? How do you answer the questions? How do you feel?
They say the same things about you? If yes, then you’re probably on track. If they say something different or unexpected, so these things can be opportunities to develop their skills.
There are some important caveats in mind, however,

Every worker is different. The things that they value the way they want to be treated and managed vary. Then spend time getting to know your team is equally important. The most successful managers know their people and understand what your people respond to best.
Can not be everything to everyone, if you have to choose one or two areas of focus, what would they be?
Organizations have personalities, cultures and values. Think about things you do that the values ​​of your organization on you. How does this translate to your team?
Enter your toolbox is the ability to bend and adapt your style as needed
Using these simple questions, you can quickly recognize the things that matter most to you, your team and your organization. With this information you can now make informed decisions about the areas you may want to focus on development. Use a mentor or coach as a sound card and challenge your thoughts and behaviors. Before you know it, you’ll be on track to be the best!

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Saturday, May 14th, 2011 Small Business

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