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This guide is for anyone to take over a business in New Zealand, and provides guidance for the critical first choice of an agent to help you with New Zealand business.

The business consists of a modern network of companies, tax officials, consultants and contractors, all operating systems on an international market. The modern entrepreneur has combined a wide range of specialists to help them build and operate a business in almost every jurisdiction around the world. However, the need for contemporary interdependence raises the old adage, which means that care must be taken when selecting experts partnerships in education “means a chain as strong as its weakest link,” a company in another country.
Well, when starting a business in New Zealand, one of the most important steps is the initial partnership with a reliable local agent, the care of the education of society and ensure the smooth transition into the business. The expert New Zealand should lead to a corresponding business expertise for your business by national legislation and to provide advice on compliance, reporting, and the local economy. But the search for an available agent in the country is a catch-22 in itself, local knowledge is needed to find a good agent, but a good agent is required to provide local expertise.

Recent events have highlighted the importance of news in the search for a reliable and consistent in finding revealed by an agent, establishing a business in New Zealand. In recent months, a small number were examined by “registrar company,” founder of New Zealand companies office, New Zealand IRD and other government agencies and then closed because of issues of serious misconduct. Have this service, without found full compliance mode with the provisions of New Zealand, and the offer “offshore mechanisms. The behavior of the founder was from New Zealand treats treasury and recorded in many cases the companies of the agents were from the trade register removed.
New Zealand has been repeatedly praised by the World Bank as countries with the simplest rules of the corporate world to establish order. It is important to note that New Zealand law does not define or regulate the role of agents of the Company or the Company Secretary, and each can take over a company based in New Zealand by Companies Office. But self-appointed to streamline the process, avoid pitfalls and avoid the potentially negative effects of misconduct by the “registrar of society”, it is important to make sure to advise that let you and professional local specialists in your best business Zealand interests as a lawyer or accountant is employed.
An important requirement for all companies in New Zealand is to have a registered office, and most “registrar company” is pleased to announce such services for a substantial sum. However, the owner of a company in New Zealand understand that there are strict requirements on documents stored at that address, and often “registrar company” does not keep all the legal documents of the corporation’s customers. The 1993 law requires the company to a company must keep the following documents at the office:
the constitution of society,
Minutes of all meetings and resolutions of the shareholders in the last 7 years,
register an interest in office,
Minutes of all meetings and resolutions of the Board and of committees of directors in the last 7 years
Certificates issued by the Directors under this Act in the last 7 years,
the names and addresses of current directors,
Copies of all written communications to all shareholders or holders of that class of shares in the last seven years, including the annual report,
Copies of all financial statements and consolidated financial statements for the last 7 completed accounting periods of the Company is required
Accounting for the current fiscal period and for the last 7 completed accounting periods of society,
the register of shareholders.
It is important to note that these documents must be prepared for inspection by the New Zealand authorities to a legitimate request, which in effect means that an individual must be able to represent the client company at the registered address. In the normal course of business in New Zealand, these services usually by chartered accountants, tax consultants or lawyers officials. Precisely for this reason, the address of the headquarters of your company must be in the office of a qualified professional who has the ability and authority to represent your company and your interests before the tax authorities of New Zealand.

The person representing your company in New Zealand must have accounts with the seat and the documentation must be in accordance with the Financial Reporting Act 1993. The invoices must be in writing and English and include:
Records of money received and spent every day and questions to which it relates,
Record assets and liabilities of the company,
if the company’s business includes the trading of goods with a record of goods bought and sold, rather than a record of inventory at the end of fiscal year
if the company’s business is the freedom to provide services, provided a record of achievements and accounts.
As we have said before, it’s easy to take over a company in New Zealand, and record-keeping rules are simple and direct. At the same time, a company in New Zealand is a reputable company with several unique benefits of the economic, financial and tax structures to make the extraordinary international trade. Be taken, however, must be taken to ensure that your agent is to ensure New Zealand business in the position to ensure full compliance with your company with the laws and regulations in New Zealand.

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Sunday, July 31st, 2011 Business

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