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As I said before you write your business plan for an online, professional business plan writer to spend thousands of dollars and pay, or you can create your own business plan, free to write. You probably know that I think writing your business plan is an important exercise that every business owner should work through, but you May be more attracted to big business plan for the least amount of dollars. I can understand that, so today I want to go directly to three free resources to help write a business plan, which is pretty sweet.

1. StartupNation Knowledge Hub – This site gives you a good foundation before you even start writing your business plan. Check the Knowledge Hub, where you will be able to different subjects, such as writing a business plan to find. Here you’ll find dozens if not hundreds of articles you with the “expert” advice for your business plan writing attempt. Do not take everything they say as gospel but as writing a business plan is not an exact science. Several contributors have different opinions, so read a few articles and made a note of the points that appear time and time again. Which will provide a solid foundation upon which you build your business plan.

2. Business Map Generator – This sounds a little weird, and I never used it myself because I just arrived this morning, but seems to have some good feedback. At least it can help lay a foundation and a sketch of your plan. Go to and click on Business Plan Generator link to the right. It looks like you information about your business and will send a basic business plan for free products. Claim founder of the site, “Creating a business plan and financial model uses a five years takes less than one hour.” Try it and let me know what you think. I want a plan for myself to test it out next week.

3. Small Business Administration – Small business owners tend to misunderstand the role of the SBA. Many even believe that they provide grants to small businesses. This may have something to do with the stupid TV ads stating that government subsidies for small businesses like candy. Although the SBA does not provide grants to small businesses, they offer various loans, but more importantly they offer access to some free resources. If you are using the manufacturers are free to a business I suggest you compare the plans by the contours in the Business Plan Outline start. Make repairs to your plan, as suggested by the description outlines the SBA, and take your plans to your local Small Business Development Center SBDC Locator free business plan review and one-one coaching.

If you take advantage of these free resources 3 my guess is that you will go home with a professional-looking plan, and more importantly that a plan will serve as a roadmap for starting or expanding your business.

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Saturday, May 1st, 2010 Business, Business Strategy

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