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Have you ever happened to you? You get a few tracks available to them in their marketing efforts landscaping business, but it is difficult to sell their service or just do not seem to be a place of very high quality (which will send the budget or plan, but don ‘t get much in return)? I’m about to show how you can change all that, and the shocking statistics that show why the struggle of most business owners gardening, when in reality, they sell their services and how they can make a few simple changes to dramatically increase profits at the bottom of your landscaping business.

1 is the loneliest number – especially in business:

People do not buy on their first contact with the product or the company. In fact, research shows that it has at least 5-6 contacts before a person is ready to make a purchase decision. And no, I’m not just talking to see your ad somewhere 5-6 times, I’m talking real personal involvement with their views. Now the problem is that almost every owner of a landscaping company actually goes so far with most of your potential customers.

In fact, statistics show that 50% of landscape contractors leave after the first follow-up (so perhaps someone calls and asks for a budget, sent to them, not hearing from them for a few days and then completely forgot about this subject), 40% more before going on 5, when about 80% of sales after the contact 5. In other words, can actually lose 80% of its activity if it relates only to the 20% that before buying all monitoring is done. Another striking figure 05.03 shows that never keeps the same title, the main reason is that the owner of the landscaping business is too overwhelmed by their commitment to conduct business and everyday life in her.

Another thing that is usually left completely ignored is that the track several times, sometimes even after the sale, creating a friendly relationship between the client and business owner who is very increasing customer loyalty, opportunity get references of high quality, possibility of repeat sales and increase overall customer satisfaction. You become more of a landscape contractor in this person, you begin to develop the kind of relationship they have with your lawyer or accountant after many years of working together, so that customers’ trust and respect as authority in its field.

You may ask yourself, if you do not have enough time to follow up, even once with my potential customers, how in the world, I found time to take more than five times with each driver? This is where all the new technologies are in place. The trick is that you do not personally make every contact with a new track and the process can easily be automated using things like online video, e-mail automatically, articles, links, free reports , recorded messages .. . Thus, for example, when someone finds an article he wrote online, then follow a link to the article to your website where you can watch the video, enter your email address to receive a free gardening you declare. After that, get a quick reply asking them to fill out a short form for a free consultation and landscape when they are finished and done, you receive a call that has gone through a series of different points of contact where they been established as an expert and trusted authority on the market. You become someone they know, like confidence and without being in direct contact with them and spend time away from your business.

Having this kind of relationship with clients is an asset even more valuable on the road. Statistics show that typically only 15% of people looking for a landscape contractor is ready to buy now. About 85% are still not safe to buy, or just do some research and see what exists, but you can buy in the near future. Focus on building a lasting relationship in which the trust you set yourself apart from most business owners landscaping that focus on people who want to do yard work at the time. Be diligent in monitoring and when they are ready to buy, and have contacted several times can be sent to your newsletter or a free guide to gardening and I see you as a trusted authority and I can not wait for doing business with you.

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 Business Opportunity

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