The Secrets of Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur is impressive and comes with many benefits. It also comes with great responsibility. As an entrepreneur, you have to do everything that you not only need to know what it is, you have to do.

That there’s so much that without a secret, you are almost doomed to failure. But the good news is that with this secret that you are literally guaranteed to succeed

What is the secret that can make or break an entrepreneur?

System. Simple clear and easy to implement … Systems.

I know …. boring. I give you.

In fact, I rebelled against the system of years. And then I started to real money.

Some people call the process. Some people call procedures. Others call or documentation.

The fact is that as an entrepreneur, you must have systems that define clear, all you have to do when you need it to do and how it should be done.

It would be difficult to determine which systems that enable companies are required, as all companies are different.

However there are certain business functions that most companies have in common. For example:

Either the production or performance, depending on whether you are a manufacturer or distributor (sometimes both)
Customer Service
Accounting (accounts payable and accounts receivable) and Finance (P & L, Balance sheet and cash flow)
Marketing and Sales
Management (staff or external consultants / Features)
Problem solving
Research and Development
These should be in each store. Sometimes they have different names and sometimes the burden of some processes with partners and outside consultants, but they are there. Some people say, “fulfillment,” while others call it “tradition”. Same Difference, different shoes …

Systems can occur in many different forms;

Hardware systems can handle the capacity, memory, and to facilitate the speed and security

Software systems can do much of the burden of reporting, communication and monitoring, automation of customer service and production …

Diagrams can change the order of process

Process maps can integrate the various stages and the owners and priorities of the steps in a process

Manuals and other documents used as reference for the FAQ on the process

Visual aids such as whiteboards, charts and videos to enhance the visual process, so they become habits.
If the systems are in place, they create and reinforce the specific behaviors that involve the culture of the organization or the victims themselves, such as;

Focus – People are more likely to know exactly what is expected and when. You are distracted and less likely to be very active. You will find that most of the right stuff is done in less time.

Measure – available with fixed systems, you can predict which companies track “KPI” (Key Performance Indicators) and begin the state of the organization into the future and to be proactive. Profits go up and surprises on the downside.

Satisfaction – with clear expectations and the ability to be proactive, people feel greater satisfaction and less stress

Productivity – all of which contribute to a cycle of higher productivity

Goodwill – The thing is spreading like wildfire in the enterprise and with customers and partners.
How incredibly yawn-inducing, snooze-making, boring dull as dirt, that “systems” are, they can isolate cases of non-compliance and to help any entrepreneur to succeed in the tough economy.

Try to inject some systems your company and enjoy the peace of mind just around the corner.

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 Business Plan

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