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What to learn if your organization? We tend to think that a business team That with a structured development and training plan for all individuals had the right idea, but later they show Can not closer to the organizational learning than those clumsy along hope for the best.


Read on to learn how a learning culture that will support your entire organization to build.

This is a controversial remark, but if you believe what many commentators in the world of work to learn to say – that 80% of our workplace learning comes from informal methods – you can start at the point see. Some of the training department can also help the dependence of formal learning, when in fact there are other more effective ways to improve performance. Take the manager who instead of sending someone to manage their own performance.

Add to the fact that many learning and professional development has become so busy with these methods – classroom, distance learning, e-learning, m-learning, social networks and in analysis and choose the best method is missing a very simple fact-the Most people learn without theme from anyone – let alone L & D. So we let them do with them? Well, the answer is yes and no! Yes, in terms of avoiding the temptation to try and manage informal learning. And ‘no’ in the sense that you can not just responsibility for learning to students, unless they are willing to accept. How can students be prepared to take responsibility depends on your organizational culture and of course the willingness of the student.

To start here are our Top 3 indicators for an easy transition to learning a highly effective informal culture:

1.Trust: Does your manager really believers to achieve results, whether they want to micro-manage? Here is a good indicator of “Does your company allow people free access to the Internet, including social networking sites or sites are blocked (other than abusive).
2.Openness: Are people talking at work – about the strengths and weaknesses, hopes and desires? How easy is it for people to admit mistakes without fear of guilt?
3. Innovation: Is the person who experiment and try new ideas. This is actively encouraged?

If you already have the kind of culture we would be surprised if you have not embraced the informal learning. If you have a way you can go to Learning and Development function has two main tasks:

1. Assist in developing a culture within the organization from the CEO to the new recruits that informal learning support.
2. Helping people to enjoy and rediscover the power of informal learning by showing what is and how a good student.

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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 Business, Business Plan

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