What is your Type of Business? Private or Public?

This is a difficult situation to go on the one hand, you’re lucky you’re prepared and thought about how your company will react, survive and to maintain business continuity in the face of disaster or disruption. Prepare like you’ve really become a marketing tool and sales. If you need your business apart from your competitors, you can talk about your BCP and DR plans – highlighting how you can ensure continuous service, products and business relationships in the event of a disaster. On the other hand, these plans often involve the private internal data is not really where external knowledge.

This decision completely up to you, but there are some steps you can take to ensure that all parties happy and protected:

* Non-Disclosure Agreement – the client must sign the document before you plan your
* Quote of the plan – you do not need your customers to show a complete plan. Conversely, extracts and highlights key points that highlight how you prepared
* Index only – your customer lists, the content is a very good overview of your plan and give you a few simple talking points
* FAQ – drawing up a list of questions and answers for customers who discusses how specific situations’
* Contact Information – giving customers a range of reliable contacts. This way if something is not happy, customers have peace of mind knowing they can contact when they need it


Of course, this raises an interesting question – what about customers? Are your clients ready with BCP and DR plans? Need to ask this question … Remember, business is a two way street – you need to move the service to insure, but you also want to ensure a consistent revenue stream.

When you are finished, but your customer does, now you’re left not knowing whether in the event of a disaster, your customers can continue to retain businesses to generate income and in turn the bill to pay and remain revenue for you.

So if a customer asks if you plan BCP DR, make sure to do the same for your client. Both can relax at night knowing that you are working with progressive and reliable business. Ready to go too far in protecting your company and be attached to the outside eye that you’re here to stay for the long term.

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 Business, Business Strategy

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