We Add So Much to Our Day Job Income with Our Family Moneymaking Ventures

I look for free options wherever I can for our money making ventures. We do everything from yard sales to flea markets to even scrapping metal people toss out to the curb to be picked up by the trash haulers. You might think it funny, but we add a significant amount of income doing this. No infrastructure expenses make it nice. We even use free invoices templates for items we refurbish or repurpose and sell.

There are shows on TV where people will go to a flea market and buy things such as a table, lamp and old chairs. Then they repurpose, mix and match and redesign things to make them more appealing to homeowners on the lookout for unique pieces. I can take an object I spent $20 to buy and $30 to change and sell it for several hundred dollars. Anything above the $50 is pure profit. We work from home in our yard and out of our garage. We use an old van that we already owned. No infrastructure expenses really let us use the bulk of the money we are taking in to better our lives.

We keep good records for tax purposes too, but we do not pay for software to do it. We keep our expenses as low as possible. We could get fancy, but it would be a waste of money. We would rather use the profits to get the kids new clothes or pay for the extended family vacation. Being industrious and using things to run our business such as invoices templates and low cost items we repurpose helps us earn more.

Anyone could get started in this. It just takes an eye for design and some basic woodworking and electrical skills. Fancy lamps made out of crazy objects are so popular. I make them out of everything. I turned a printer into a lamp for an office. It was a popular item. I could not keep up with the orders. I make a lamp, make a sale, print an invoice and collect my pay. It sure does supplement what I make from my day job.

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