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So I bought a domain name and built a new website attractive and bright to show business. He has lots of information about it on how big you are, maybe even an online store with all its products. But how to relate this strange new world of electronic commerce with traditional methods? How can you use online marketing when you do not really know what it is? Tell people on your site

You probably have a mailing list of existing customers, sometimes a few thousand brochures and Christmas cards and send reminders and special offers. For the same cost as that, you can tell these people about your website. Print the website address and receive voice, to include such incentives as you normally would, a promotional code, for example.

Measuring the performance of your online marketing

You have a new range of sportswear in your store? Create a custom page tell all about to print the address on your brochure. If people are impressed with their mail, they will. More importantly, you can track the numbers through the installation of an analysis package on its website (like Google Analytics). Whenever someone visits the page in question, you know I’m here because of its prospectus.

Make sure the page that shows your address, the customer experience is key and highlighting the link between what they get in office and what they see on the screen, you will be satisfied with their visitors brand.

visitor behavior tracking

Use cookies to track what visitors to your website is made (the scan package will be). Perhaps the land in its special, but do not click elsewhere. Maybe get half of the ordering process and then leave. With this information, you can identify and solve problems. This is something your offline marketing could ever say.

Build your online presence

Having a website and tell your customers about what may not be enough to make it profitable. Think about how many people come into your store every day, do the same number visit their web site? An online marketing strategy may be necessary to provide an Internet presence, ensuring you will be found by potential customers. He earns the trust with the search engines to find you in the results, or advertising on other sites that you visit the target market.

Pay per click campaigns and search optimization strategies can be yourself or managed by specialists in online marketing. Pay per click is advertising on search engines (or elsewhere) – pay to get on the first page of results. engine optimization search identifies keywords to find and optimize your site appears in search results of natural high. If someone searches for “sports” and get you a new visitor.

All this may seem a bit complicated, but I think many people are looking for “sport” daily. Hundreds? Miles? These are all potential visitors to your site, to invest in your online presence can really afford.

Collect visitor data and use it wisely

We have come full circle with our internet marketing, which has a field for inclusion on your website to collect email addresses or other details, you can create a mailing list. Like sending brochures you can send emails (or more sheets if you want) with special offers and discounts. Remind people to your website and increase brand awareness.

If people have an account with you, keep track of what they buy and target your marketing. As promotions are more effective to think in terms of the recommendations”on The use of off-line methods in the online world can be the most effective way to ensure repeat business, especially when using additional information that gives your online strategy.

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Monday, January 24th, 2011 Business Online

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