Working for Google at Home and Earn Money

Unless you are very lucky, it actually works for Google in the house is unlikely. There are rumors that banks are students at your popular search engine and manual control of the results, but in general it is not everything you do in life with them.

Instead, the best way is to create your own website and use the Google tools that are available and if you were offered an expensive e-book that offers work at home writing by Google, so it This book will probably be told about.

Go to Google’s Blogger tool and is committed to a simple blog. See, creating a new Web site is not as difficult. Customize to your liking and also join the AdSense system and add one or two ad units on site. This is one of the ways you can make money with them.

So what do you write? Well, it’s really very simple. Choose something that interests you and search for merchants that offer affiliate programs in this area. Since its product catalog, write a post about an article or two, and publish it, do not forget to follow the instructions to the affiliate network, including in the post.

Go to Google and now to create an AdWords account. This makes the letter Classifieds / work a little Google that many are trying to sell ebooks. All I will tell you to do is sign up for AdWords, then start writing ads!

Writing ads is a bit intimidating at first, but not impossible. Consider some of the search terms that people can use to find products that are advertising and what are the core of the announcement. There are also tools ready to help you find keywords. Write a few lines to the announcement, so make it look attractive to people who read and draw them to your website.

There’s more to writing good AdWords ads, but it’s a full article on its own and something not to try here. However, the steps to work from home and earn money from Google are simply:

1) Create a simple blog on Blogger, including some AdSense blocks (extra income)

2) You subscribe to a system of affiliation and write about certain products, recalling that the links to those

3) All AdWords, write some ads and see the creation of traffic to your website.

I go to the last stage in the near future.

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Sunday, February 13th, 2011 Business Online

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